The Photographer

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My name is Frank Schumacher.

Everyone has a story. Sharing our stories with others is sometimes the hardest and possibly most rewarding thing we can do. Capturing our stories to look back at them can have unforeseen rewards. In the simplest of terms, that story can be a photo, or a series of photos: it can be capturing the feeling when you are first engaged; it can be a single portrait where you want to capture something of yourself; it can be the moment when your world falls down around you. It's your story. I want to help you capture it.

I am first and foremost, a creative person. I use that creativity, quality equipment, established software, and established techniques to capture scenes and stories. I want to utilize my skill, interest and creativity to photograph stories of all types; simple and complex, happy and sad. My specialty lies between candid and posed environmental portraits.

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